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New endorser: Boris Golavšek

Posted June, 6 2016

Boris Golavšek was born in the golden 80’s in the north of Slovenia. From an early age he was fascinated by the sound of the guitar which resulted in him picking up the electric guitar at the age of 13. In the beginning Boris’ sound was very Rock orientated, but while growing up his enthusiasm for other styles grew, along with his musical knowledge and he started playing funk, metal, blues and other genres as well.

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New single & video Radio Days

Posted May, 3 2016

Here it is! The new video clip to Radio Days' new single ‘Come Along’ and the Richwood A-50 is traveling along on their journey to succes. Great song and ditto video. Congratulations guys and keep it up! Hope you guys like it and don’t forget to share.

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As promised: 2 more jacek Hiro movies (D-70-VA)

Posted February, 26 2016

Jacek Hiro visited our headquarters some time ago and tried out some out of Master Series models. We give you 2 more movies of him checking out the Richwood D-70-VA. Jacek is guitarplayer is the metal group Sceptic in Poland and in the 2 following movies he is playing 2 Sceptic songs.

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Jacek Hiro trying out some of our models

Posted January, 15 2016

Polish Guitar player (Metal band Sceptic) and Richwood endorser Jacek Hiro came over to our headquarters to test some of our models and of course we made some footage for you to see & hear. For now we have 2 movies to offer you, one of Jacek playing the Richwood G-250-CE and one of the Richwood G-70-CEVA. There will be a couple more soon!

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