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Hot Club jazz guitar
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Richwood Hot Club jazz guitar, natural finish, oval sound hole

Top wood: Sitka spruce
Sides and back: Sapele
Neck: Khaya mahogany
Fingerboard: Indian rosewood
Bridge: Indian Rosewood
Headstock veneer: Indian rosewood
Binding: ABS

3 comments on "RM-70-NT | Richwood Hot Club jazz guitar"

by Alex hecht on 23 01 2017

Dear Sirs,

I am a relatively rookie player and got one of your RM70NTs as a present. I love it! Unfortunarely the original strings worn out and I had to change them. I put a set of 11-46 strings on and now the lower E and A are vibrating against the metal fret. Can you please advise me which strength you recommend for this guitar to avoid the mentioned event. Also I would like to buy the movable wooden part at the lower part of the guitar that guids the strings (sorry I don't know what it is called). The old part has strong indentationd caused by the old strings. I would really appreciate your help as I love the guitar how it was when I got and would like to restore it to this original state. Best regards Alex Hecht

by Ken on 02 12 2016

Bought my RM70NT secondhand but in excellent condition from eBay to take to the Django Festival at Samois Sur Seine in place of my original Maccaferri guitar, which is just too valuable to camp with. After a strip down and 'Tune up' as well as a new set of Saverez strings I ended up with an excellent gigging guitar which has good projection and sustain, is loud enough to jam with and leans nicely into the medium treble side for solo runs. The guitar earned its keep at Samois and was played by several well known gypsy guitarists including Stochelo, they also signed it for me too! Although not an expensive or accurate copy of an original Selmer made guitar, it is however very well made and nicely finished and for the price (full price, not what I paid) seems to be excellent value for this style of guitar. I have never been a guitar snob anyway, but this guitar will perform very well in the hands of any player from intermediate to advanced skill and does give the authentic gypsy sound to good players in this style. Just remember that any guitar is only as good as the musician playing it - a better made, more expensive, or 'vintage' instrument will always sound poor if not played with skill, just as better golf clubs will not make you a better golfer! All in all an interesting and playable gypsy style guitar at a bargain price.

by Louis Glorieux on 12 05 2015

Hapyness has 6 strings, is named RM-7O-NT hot club jazz guitar and has serial number

3249140611188. The developer of this Selmer copy as well as the people who constructed mine can be proud of themselves. To me, it is irreplaceable. Thanks!

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