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Hot Club Solid O jazz guitar
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Richwood Hot Club Solid O jazz guitar, solid sitka spruce top, natural, O-shaped sound hole

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by andrea taibel on 10 09 2017

die rm150nt ist eine ganz brauchbare gitarre die zudem auch nett aussieht und angenehm zu spielen ist, leider erst nachdem man hochwertige saiten verwendet- die originalen saiten bringen nicht den typischen gypsy sound. trotzdem sehr empfehlenswertes instrument- besonders fuer anfaenger!

by Fraise on 27 07 2015

Bought a showroom-model from a guitar-teacher. While testing it, the metallically gipsy-sound inspired me to Jango Rheinhardt picking. This guitar, a must-have! But,- she whispers only like a light summer breeze, is not loud enough, and it was not getting better for two months! What can it be? I found the answer on youtube. The Bridge is a chump! Original Selmer bridges are hollowed!

I hollowed it. Now the baby sings loud and clear! Beautiful!

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