RMB-906  |  Master Series guitar banjo 6 string

RMB-906 overview

guitar banjo 6 string, aluminum rim + tone ring, peruvian walnut fingerboard, 24 brackets


Where our RMB-606 guitar-banjo already is an astonishing instrument, the RMB-906 is unsurpassed in sound, built quality and looks. The guitar-banjo that sounds like an authentic banjo, but has the playability and tuning that suits all guitar players. Radiused fingerboard, low action and good sound are inspirational assets of this RMB-906. Nickelwound ball-end strings. . Improved stability and tone thanks to the aluminium rim. This and the peruvian walnut fingerboard and more elaborate inlay lift this banjo above any other banjo in its price range.


top Remo weatherking white 11”
rim aluminium
tonering aluminium
resonator mahogany
neck mahogany
fingerboard peruvian walnut 14" radius
bridge maple
tuners die cast guitar tuners
truss rod two way adjustable
scale length 67 cm
total instrument length 97 cm
top nut width 43 mm
nut material bone
binding ivoroid
finish highgloss clear
hardware chrome plated
tuning guitar tuning EADGBE
brackets 24
weight app. 3,90 kg

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