Alessandro Canini

Alessandro Canini, began playing at the age of three years. The father of Alessandro, Randolfo, worked in the chemical industry, but he was also, in 1970, the bassist of the famous band Officina Meccanica. When Alessandro was Six years, he is absorbed by the paternal band, and receives invitations from various television programs. At 14 he began to study regularly in the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, where shortly after he was expelled "for reasons yet unknown." After this experience, Alessandro decided to investigate the matter, since its earliest origins, starting from composition to production, as self-taught. In 1991 the impresario Claudio Lozzi proposes him to Tony Esposito for his summer tour. Alessandro will be playing continuously with him for the next four years.

He collaborated with Antonello Venditti, Tiromancino, Max Gazzè, Paola Turci, Giorgia, Niccolò Fabi, Marco Mengoni, Absolute Zero, Luca Carboni, Patty Pravo, Marina Rei, Tony Esposito, Bicycle Thieves, Blacks by chance, Alex Baroni, Simone Garfunkel, Gege Telesforo, Jacopo Ratini, Riccardo Sinigallia, Massimo Ranieri, Enzo Avitabile, Eugene Jackson, Stefano D'Orazio, Phil Manzanera, Stefano Di Battista, Gianni Bella, Paolo Pietrangeli, Roberto Ciotti, Katina Ranieri, floret, Arnaldo Vacca, Filippo Merola, Karl Potter, David De Maria, Enrico Giaretta, Piotta, Jacqueline Perry, Riz Ortolani, Beppe Vessicchio, Pier Cortese.


In 1996 he produces for Marina Rei Mad about you. In 2004, arranges and plays forget everything, album of Paola Turci in which he wrote two songs and by the pre-production. In 2007, he continues to work as an arranger, multi-instrumentalist on the new album by Antonello Venditti From skin to heart for which Alexander wrote the song Empty boxes. In 2007 he produced, sounds and mixes the album Contradictions of Pier Cortese. Shortly after working in the film by Sabina Guzzanti The reasons Lobster which has the role of actor-drummer. In 2008 it produces the double CD live Tiromancino, The sound of kilometers and the single Quasi40 also taking care of the mix and arrangement. In 2009 he produces the second disc of Pier Cortese Nevertheless we continue to play soccer. Also in 2009 he produced the first album of the trilogy of Paola Turci Attraversami heart. The activities in 2010 are multiple: co-author of the song Less Evil Simon and Garfunkel in the race at the Sanremo Festival. Drummer in the new album of Marco Mengoni. Artistic Production and realization of the new album by Jacopo Ratini, Paola Turci and Tiromancino.

In 2011 he composed and performed the music for the TV drama Nightmare before '82 aired on Rai Uno.


He plays Richwood A-60-CE