Phil Salera

Phill began his musical career from a very young. When he was six years, he began playing the violin, and then move on to the guitar, which is passionate. At 16 years old, he formed the first group named "Fuchsia". When hecwas 22, decided to leave for America. In 1986, therefore, he came to Boston for five years where he attended the prestigious "Berklee College of Music."

After five years he returned to Italy and then begins his professional career playing with the greatest Italian artists. He is required as a session musician from: Ramazzotti, Zucchero, Renato Zero, Giorgia, Patty Pravo, Loredana Berte, Anna Oxa, Donatella Rector, etc ... He is currently the Artistic Director dell'FSRecording Studio, the recording studio he owns and which operates as a producer, arranger, musician and sound engineer.

It is the imminent departure for the upcoming tour with Donatella Rettore, with whom he collaborated from '90 boasting the record production and arrangements.

He plays Richwood G-65-CEVA