The Road Home

"Four guys from Enschede with a hardcore attitude and a mainstream sound taking over the world step by step" is how described The Road Home during an interview in April 2012 and it couldn't have been said any better. After their formation in 2011 the four piece has steadily been making name for themselves, spreading their high voltage rock anthems like fire.

March 2012 marks the birth of their well received debut EP "Old Hearts". Playing over seventy shows, bursting with youthful energy, within that same year gave them a fierce live reputation and landed them support slots for, among others, Drive Like Maria (BE), King Cannons (AUS), Reno Divorce (USA) and Toy Dolls (UK) but also radio performances at 3FM (Dutch National Radio). Needless to say their self-released digi-pack "Old Hearts" was sold out quickly. We at Shield Recordings were so impressed by both The Road Home's music and hard work that we didn't have to think twice when they asked us to (re) release the Old Hearts EP. 

Come 2013, time for something new. During the cold start of the year The Road Home embarks on their first tour trough Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Belgium right after finishing the recordings of their sophomore EP titled "Too Cold".

On their new EP "Too Cold" The Road Home takes you on a journey trough six songs dealing with lost love, despair, solitude and hometown Enschede. Sometimes bitter, always hopeful. Drawing inspiration from old timer Springsteen on the one side and the likes of contemporary rockers The Gaslight Anthem, Alkaline Trio and Against Me! On the other but always sounding like The Road Home; songs filled with catchy hooks built on a raw foundation of punk rock.

In the spring and summer of 2013 the band is putting their sunglasses back on and will be busting their backs to get the word out on their, brand new, EP doing what they do best.. Invigorating crowds and captivating audiences at clubs and festivals, pouring out their hearts and souls show after show.

We at Shield Recordings are stoked to work with The Road Home for a second release and will release "Too Cold" as digipack MCD and 12 inch LP. Points of Interest: - The Road Home draws inspiration from old timer Springsteen on the one side and newer artists as The Gaslight Anthem, Alkaline Trio and Against Me on the other side. - “Too Cold’ is the Second EP by The Road Home and also their second release on Shield Recordings - Shield Recordings will release the “Too Cold” EP as digipack MCD and as 12 inch LP. - The Road Home played over 100 shows allready and will keep playing as much as possible in suport of the release of the “Too Cold” EP. - The Road Home shared stages with Drive Like Maria, King Cannons, Rino Divorce and The Toy Dolls. - The Road home did their first European tour in February 2013 hitting countries as Germany, Poland, Check Republic, Luxembourg and Belgium. - The Road Home is available for doing interviews (Phone, email etc.)