RPF-65  |  acoustic guitar amplifier

RPF-65 overview

acoustic guitar amplifier, 2 channels, chorus/reverb, looper, drums, with dual footswitch

The Richwood Performer 65 is a compact solution for amplifying acoustic instruments. With two channels and several inputs and outputs, you have everything you need for a gig or recording. This amp gives you a fair sound that suits acoustic instruments in particular very well in terms of amplification. Thanks to the 2 inputs, it is even possible to amplify vocals as well with the Richwood Performer 65.

Channel 1 includes a jack input, 3 EQ scenes, gain, chorus, reverb and a 3 band EQ. The scene selection gives an appropriate response from the amp to the style you are playing. This can be normal, fingerstyle or strumming.

Channel 2 contains a jack/XLR input, phase switch, gain, chorus, reverb and a 3 band EQ. The phase switch can help with microphonic elements in guitars. The reverb knob also works as a rythme volume when the drum or metronome is activated.

These channels combined with an AUX in, effect send/return, line out, DI out and footswitch inputs makes it a complete solution for amplifying your acoustic gig or recording. About the footswitch, you have the choice of using it to trigger the looper/rythme or the chorus/reverb on channel 1. Everything has been designed to make sure that this amp will work pleasantly and as desired because of these kinds of feature choices.

The sturdy cabinet with sleek trim, lacquered wood, leather handle and vintage colour panel makes even the look of the amp perfect for an acoustic setting.


• lmpedance:
CHANNEL 2: 100kO
SEND: .1kO
AUX In: 33kO
• Speaker:
Size: 6.5” Woofer x 1, 1” Tweeter
Frequency Response Range: 50Hz -20kHz (-3dB)
• Power: 60 Watt: Power Supply (included: 4A at 28V DC)
• Dimensions: 310mm (L) x 280mm (W) x 328mm (H)
• Weight: 9.2kg
• Accessories: user manual, power sdapter, dual footswitch

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