RMB-904-SS  |  Heritage Series tenor banjo 4-string

RMB-904-SS overview

tenor banjo 4-string, aluminium rim + tone ring, ebony fingerboard, 24 brackets, 17 frets


900 series 17 fret tenor banjo. Improved stability and tone thanks to the aluminium rim. This, the ebony fingerboard and more elaborate inlay lift this banjo above any other banjo in its price range. The RMB-904-SS is a short scale 17 fret tenor banjo with a mellow and round, sweet tone.
The typical playing style of a tenor banjo is with a plectrum, but of course we encourage you to explore all techniques on this instrument. As with all Master Series banjos the RMB-904-SS is a very stable instrument with 24 brackets, quality wood and parts, ensuring a lifetime of musical pleasure.


top: Remo weatherking white 11”
rim: aluminium
tonering: aluminium
resonator: mahogany
neck: mahogany
fingerboard: ebony
bridge: maple with ebony cap
tuners: high-grade Korean banjo style 4:1 ratio
truss rod: two way adjustable
scale length: 50 cm
total instrument length: 81 cm
top nut width: 30,5 mm

nut material: bone
binding: ivoroid
finish: highgloss clear
hardware: chrome plated

tuning: Irish tuning: GDAE, standard tuning: CGDA
brackets: 24
weight: app. 3,55 kg

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